Get ready to witness the next generation of soccer stars shine brightly as they take the field in an epic display of talent and determination!

Through Blue Ribbon’s Packets of Goodness recycling campaign, we have not only engaged with sixteen Primary schools in and around Tembisa and Soweto but also selected them to participate in the annual Blue Ribbon u13 Soccer Tournament. The tournament is all about strengthening bonds and showcasing the incredible talent of under 13 boys in our communities.

As we embarked on our second year of this inspiring soccer tournament, we remained committed to fostering positive change and creating opportunities for growth and development. The Blue Ribbon Soccer tournaments received great support from internal sponsors within Premier FMCG, including brands such as Iwisa, Manhattan, Mister Sweet, and Super C. Additionally, we were fortunate to secure external partnerships with the likes of Kaizer Chiefs, Vodacom, pick n Pay, and the Hollywood Foundation. Their generous contributions have truly added tremendous value to our cause.


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Hosting Blue Ribbon U13 soccer Tournaments has been incredibly inspiring and fulfilling. It's more than just a soccer competition; it's a platform for these young talented soccer players to shine, to develop their skills, and to pursue their dreams.