A Message From Our CEO

"I believe that success comes from having the right people, a relentless focus on execution and an environment that embraces innovation. At Premier, we are able to achieve our goals by empowering our people to do what they do best."
Tjaart Kruger (Premier CEO)

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We're So Happy to be Part of the Most Important Meal of Your Day

Premier has launched into the Breakfast category with three brands, two of them well established and the third a brand new breakfast product range.
Date: 08/07/2016


Prem-Cap Investments Pty Ltd Acquires a Stake in Companhia Industrial Da Matola

Prem-Cap Investments Pty Ltd Acquires a Stake in Companhia Industrial Da Matola

With effect 26 March 2015, Prem-Cap Investments (Proprietary) Ltd (“Prem-Cap”) has acquired a controlling stake in Companhia Industrial da Matola (“CIM”) in Mozambique.
Date: 18/05/2015

Fast Facts

Premier is proud of our leading national consumer brands: Snowflake, Iwisa No 1, Blue Ribbon, Lil-lets, Manhattan and Super C.
Premier operates 16 bakeries, 5 wheat mills, 2 maize mills, a sugar confectionery plant and 24 distribution depots in South Africa, Swaziland and Lesotho, with a Lil-lets sales office in the UK.
Premier’s significant exposure to the informal market accounts for over 60% of bread sales in South Africa.
Premier produces and sells approximately 500 million loaves of bread and 800 000 tons of maize and wheat per year.

Our Brands

Blue Ribbon Bread

Never say no to the fresh taste of Blue Ribbon that has been baked with care for 100 years.

BB Bread

The wholesome taste of fresh, quality bread exclusively baked in KZN for KZN.

Star Bread

Quality freshness at an affordable price because Star Bread is baked daily and priced just right.

Mister Bread

The daily baked freshness of Mister Bread helps mom's fill their families' tummies in so many tasty ways.

Swazi United Bakeries

Swaziland’s favourite bread made locally for great freshness.


South Africa's most loved wheat flour that is 'too fresh to flop'.


Vulco Golden Fleece are superior quality latex gloves that are cotton lined to make cleaning a breeze.


The flagship brand of Premier’s maize range makes every occasion a truly South African experience.


The range is made from de-germinated maize meal and is the coarsest of the Premier maize portfolio.


The natural goodness of premier maize meal available throughout Kwa-Zulu Natal.

Super Sun

SuperSun Maize Meal is a staple food in countless homes across South Africa.

Lil-lets South Africa

At Lil-lets we offer the widest range of products designed by women to suit every woman's needs.

Lil-Lets UK

The Lil-Lets range includes non-applicator tampons, applicator tampons, pads and liners.


Dove cottonwool products are specifically crafted to ensure the ultimate in cosmetic, hygiene and baby care.


The brand that delivers a wide selection of mouth-watering sweet delights.

Super C ®

For a powerful energy boost that is perfect for adults and children on the go.
"Our Flagship brands have been a part of the lives of all South Africans for over 195 years."

Points Of Interest

Historical Timeline

Historical Timeline

Premier has a rich history spanning over 195 years. View our interactive company history which highlights milestones and significant moments in the business from our humble beginnings in 1820.
Business Footprint

Business Footprint

Premier operates in the broader FMCG market within SA and in selective markets on the rest of the continent and in Europe. Our current acquisition strategy will continue to expand the business into a number of different food, confectionery, beverage, household and homecare care categories.
Companhia Industrial da Matola

Companhia Industrial da Matola

Tjaart Kruger (Premier CEO) welcomes to Premier the employees of the Companhia Industrial da Matola business. CIM is the leading food producing company in Mozambique with a diversified product range, comprising wheat flour, maize meal, pasta, biscuits and animal feeds.