Crust us on this one: The Great Sandwich Debate results are in

Every so often, a question comes along that shakes us to the very core. That casts into doubt the things we absolutely know to be true. Some of these questions have been flying around Blue Ribbon HQ, sparking debate about everything we know about our favourite subject matter – sandwiches.

So, we decided it was time to settle some of the most polarising sandwich positions once and for all with ‘The Great Sandwich Debate’. This month, we asked you, our loyal sarmie snackers, four all-important questions. Here are the results:

Peanut Butter vs Butter and Peanut Butter

We kicked off the debate with the pièce de résistance: When making a peanut butter sandwich, is butter also required?

Needless to say, a heated discussion ensued. Some of those in favour of plain peanut butter had the following strong opinions:

“No butter! That makes it taste disgusting!” – Kirsten Smith

“Why would you put butter twice on your bread?” – Hester Pretorius

But, it’s a cruel world for peanut butter purists, being far outnumbered by butter lovers. The pro-butter rationale included texture, easy spreading and just plain taste:

“Absolutely with butter! It tastes better. Have you tried to spread peanut butter without butter? Disastrous.” – Natasha Van Niekerk-Jones

“Definitely with butter… butter makes everything taste better.” – Phyllis Salochan

“Life’s too short to have PB sarmies without butter!” – Dienkie Taute

If you voted for double-butter, we hope you feel vindicated.

Final results

Crust On vs Crust Off

We got to the crust of the matter on this one. ‘Crusts On’ proved to be the overwhelmingly popular choice with 91.5% of the votes. Voters had the following to say:

“Crust is the best … we all fight for it in our house.” – Tracy Vianello

“All about the crunchy crust. Always thought it was the reason I have curly hair.” – Lolly Cachia (Umm… ok, Lolly. You lost us at the curly hair connection.)

“I love the crust it’s the cream of the bread.” – Boitumelo Matseoane

Not only were voters not removing the crusts, but they used every opportunity to tell us they were the best part, or the creative ways they use them:

“I turn my crust into a magnificent pizza!” – Melantheran Samuel Naidoo (Bold move Melantheran, we’re still trying to figure out how exactly that works).

“I love the crust, use it to make crumbs” – Manjoo Rughunandan

We know we should remain neutral here, but we have to agree with the crust-lovers.

Final results

Triangles vs Rectangles

If you opt for the diagonal slice, you’re in good company. The results showed the clear majority of you prefer your sandwiches cut into the ‘fancier’ triangle. The common rationale here was that this was the best way to achieve the optimal ratio of bread-to-filling and the right lunchbox fit.

Some just couldn’t decide and confessed they cut their sarmies on a whim. While others had some more unique opinions:

“Triangles in a restaurant, always but at home, the more ‘yumminess’ on the bread the more practical it is to cut in rectangles, easier to hold, less ‘yumminess’ to fall out.” – Charlotte Charky Marais

“My 4-year-old will only eat her sandwich if its cut into 4 triangles, she won’t touch it if I do squares.” – Tessa Stansfield

“Triangles but when I am lazy, I cut rectangles.” – Lindy Beneke

“Do squares count? My twins like them cut in four squares so they’re easier to eat.” – Naznin Khan (We’re quite partial to squares ourselves, Naznin.)

Final results

Toasting Blue Ribbon Squares: Whole or Halvies?

In this one we asked you how you have been toasting your Blue Ribbon Squares. Do you split them or toast them whole? Like the Squares themselves, the results were not split with the clear majority adamant toasting them whole was the way to go. Here were some of the reasons why:

“Whole for sure. It just tastes better with cheese, lettuce, tomato and a touch of pepper. Mmm delicious!!” –  Devika Jawahir

“Whole. I don’t want to lose my filling.” – Nivashini Thaver

Want to be let in on a secret? Toasting them whole leaves your Blue Ribbon Squares crispy on the outside and deliciously soft on the inside.

Final results

The debate will rage on in July with more pertinent sandwich-related questions of our time. Do you have a burning question for us? Or a strong opinion? Head over to our Facebook page and leave us a comment.