Roasted butternut and sweet chilli Sandwich Squares

Naturally sweet butternut, roasted and blended with the tartness of chilli to elevate the flavour. A sweet and spicy healthy meal over Squares for the whole family to enjoy for dinner.

4 Blue Ribbon White Sandwich Squares
120g cream cheese
A handful rocket or lettuce leaves, torn
400g cubed butternut, oven-roasted
8-12 Peppadews, quartered
80ml sweet chilli sauce
160g feta cheese, cubed
Milled black pepper, to taste


  1. Open the Sandwich Squares. Spread each with the cream cheese and top with some rocket or lettuce leaves.
  2. In a small bowl, mix the roasted butternut, Peppadews and sweet chilli sauce together. Spoon this mixture on top of the green leaves.
  3. Divide the feta cheese over the sandwiches and add some milled black pepper.
  4. Close the Sandwich Squares and serve.