Let’s do lunch

We get it. The year starts out with big plans for lunches that walk the talk for taste. But suddenly it’s March and you’re so manic that packed-lunches start to pale on their promises, right?

More than that – the first casualty isn’t always flavour, but often the ways you balance taste with healthier options.

So if time is testing your year into wishing you already had a holiday booked, new Blue Ribbon Sandwich Squares might just be what you need.

It’s their new Sandwich Squares, which are not only easy-to-fill at 95 calories per square, but no matter the filling you or your family’s little ones favour (we know: it goes from Parma Ham to peanut butter), they’re easy to prep and pack – for every palate.

Sometimes a change really is as good as a holiday – even if it is only March.

This one is the game-changer you didn’t know you needed, but trust us: you’ll love it enough to wonder how you lived without it.