Hottest toast trends for 2017

Perfectly fluffy and crispy toast never goes out of style – but the way we eat it has changed. Because Blue Ribbon is all about toasting the best in bread, here’s a roundup of the biggest and hottest toast trends to expect in 2017:

Dark chocolate
People are waking up to the big benefits of eating good-quality dark chocolate – it’s suggested to have anti-oxidant properties. There’ll be an upswing of chocolate used on regular and French toast, either in spreads or melted. You’ll probably see it paired with strawberries, banana and, surprisingly, salt.

Sweet and salty
The combination of sweet and salty flavours rose to popularity in 2016 and shows no signs of slowing down in the year to come. This heavenly combo works particularly well on toast, as it’s a neutral flavour base. Look out for toast topped with pineapple and salt, or salted caramel flavoured toast spreads.

The challenge to eat meat-free on certain days of the week – or at least one – is a cause that’ll reach its peak in 2017. Expect to see veggie-based toasted sandwiches – like roast vegetables and mozzarella – as well as protein-packed bean or legume spreads paired with egg for breakfast.

Avocado, now
There’s no denying avocado is having a moment in the spotlight – and it doesn’t seem set to change in the year to come. In fact, it’ll only get bigger. The popularity of avocado can be linked back to the fact that it’s rich in healthy fats and protein – which makes avocado on toast an all-in-one-meal.

Look out for twists on avocado toast in 2017, mixed and mashed with exotic spices, lemon and lime and other healthy veg.

Down with waste
There’s increasing pressure for households to spend less and waste less, both to counteract tightening purse strings and to care for the environment. It’s going to become a major trend for houses to use all leftovers wherever possible and up-cycle previously discarded food items into something scrumptious.

Crusts which would be tossed aside will be blended into breadcrumbs and used to top a bake or casseroles, or chopped and toasted for croutons. It’s all about waste not, want not.

Super sardines
Sardines are beginning to be praised for their nutritional value and reasonable price tag. In 2017, there’ll be a revival of the once-famous sardines on toast (that goes for pilchards, too), as it’s packed with protein and healthy fats.

They might look a bit more glam – spruced up with spices, herbs and olive oil – but it’s the same sardines on toast you once knew and loved. Give them a try to up your protein and healthy fat intake – you won’t be disappointed.