This is The Best Thing with Sliced Bread

After 6 rounds of epic bread dishes, judge Anna Montali has made her pick for the ultimate Best Thing with Sliced Bread – one dish that outshined the rest with culinary innovation and yum-factor. Sam Taylor’s Cheesecake Ice-Cream and Cinnamon Toast Brittle has been dubbed The Best Thing with Sliced Bread.

“All our contestants shined throughout the competition, bringing their own unique culinary talent and style to each challenge,” says Montali. “It was tough to choose a winner, but in the end, Sam’s dish was so extraordinary, it deserved the title of Best Thing with Sliced Bread.”

Victory is sweet
Taylor used the bread in her mystery box to thicken a cream and sugar mixture, then added cream cheese for extra flavour. After freezing the ice-cream, she made cinnamon toast brittle and a decadent chocolate sauce to serve with it. The result was a punchy and clever dessert that won her the title.

“The dish was simply smart: the idea of using bread to thicken soups and stews has been around for decades, but it’s often forgotten,” explains Montali. “Sam revived this novel method, and then paired her ice-cream with contrasting texture and temperature. It’s a winning dish.” Taylor wins the grand prize of a R10 000 YuppieChef voucher for her creativity and gastronomic grit.


Upper crust competitors
Throughout the competition, the bloggers have put their skills in the kitchen to phenomenal use when faced with even the most unusual mystery box ingredients.

In Round One, LesDaChef impressed with his sweet and sticky ricotta bread cups, while Anina Meyer tempted taste buds with her crispy artichoke pots and Melba toast. Highlights from Round Two were Tandy Sinclair’s asparagus soup and Chantelle Le Roux’s chickpea toasts with Aquafaba foam.

“The bloggers have inspired with their ingenuity and dedication to producing the most delicious dish using the given ingredients,” adds Montali. “They’ve proven that there’s so much more to bread than a sandwich and that no matter what ingredients you have in your fridge or pantry, there’s something scrumptious just waiting to be whipped up.”

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