The best of #MomTalk confessions

Ever locked yourself in the bathroom just to have some ‘me-time’? Put hot sauce on your food to stop your kids from wanting a bite? Don’t worry moms, you’re not alone.

Throughout the month of May, we’ve been asking Blue Ribbon moms to share their #MomTalk confessions with us on our Facebook page. The posts came pouring in and there were some real gems that had us in stitches. Here are our top ten #MomTalk confessions.


This mom who makes bath time, snack time.


This mom who’s colouring skills didn’t quite meet the teacher’s standards.


Guess who’s buying Mexican Chilli chips from now on?


This hubby didn’t stand a chance against this masterful plan.


Who needs a reading nook when you have a bathroom?


Last time we checked, sugar was definitely not a vitamin.


This mom’s dedication to the search is inspiring.


Mmmm… smells like… furniture polish?


This ingenious mom’s reasoning can’t be faulted.


This cunning use of a uniquely South African problem to create an inspired mom solution.

Got your own confession to share? Post it in the comments or go over to our Facebook page to get involved in the conversation.